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 Post subject: How To Post Audio Clips Using Digital Sound Planet
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 6:13 pm 
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Hopefully this helps out a few people. If it does, then it's well worth the time I spent typing it out. I tried to be as "step by step" as I could and I hope it's easy to follow. If not, I'll have to edit :wink:

I know I can't answer every question about posting sound clips and I sure as hell don't really know a ton about it myself, but I'll be more than happy to share my limited knowledge with anyone who needs a hand.

Ready? . . . OK :D

The first thing you need to do with Digital Sound Planet is click the button that says "MY PLANET"
After you do that find the link about the center of the page that says:

"If you do not already have an account, please sign up for an account now.

Fill out all the required fields. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time filling out any info that isn't absolutely required for setting up the account.

After you do that, press the button that says: "REGISTER"

A window will pop up that tells you that Digital Sound Planet is sending your password to your Email address.

The Email will say:

Dear ____________

you have successfully subscribed to Digital Sound Planet.

Your access name is ____________ and your initial password is xxxxxxxx

You may change it in the account administration pages in MyPlanet.

You now have 10Mo NetStudio space ! Go create project in My Planet.

You may now enter the restricted areas of the site.

Do not forget to enable cookies support in your browser.

thanks for registering with us, and see you on the site.


The DSP Team

And that's how you set up an account.

Now this is how to upload clips.

Go to Digital Sound Planet and click the button that says "My Planet" - Then log in.

Next you want to click the button that says, "Post To Showroom"

A page will come up and you can fill in the name and a description of your song.

On this page,

SCROLL DOWN to the part that says, "Main FileTitle: MP3 ONLY"
Directly under that phrase you'll see the words, "path to mixdown:"
On that same line to the right is a box marked "BROWSE"

Click it and find the MP3 that you want to upload.
Then scroll down the page and hit the "PUBLISH" button.
It WILL take a little while to upload your file especially if you're on a dialup connection.
So be prepared for the wait.

After the file uploads you'll see a confirmation that the transfer is complete. At this point just press the "MY PLANET" button on the left and then click the link that says, "Your showroom songs"

The screen will have these options on it, but the flow will look a little different.

Welcome to your planet.

Here you can access and edit :
Your Account

View your profile
Edit your profile
Change picture
Change Password
Your Music

Post to showroom
Your showroom songs
Your Studio
Create a Project
Your Purchase

Software Keys
Your Loops

After you click the "Your showroom songs" link find your song and RIGHT CLICK this icon Image
Choose to "Open In New Window"
Hopefully Windows Media Player is now playing your song.

Now this is how to post your clips on a message board so others can hear them.

(I copied this explaination from a previous post of mine. - It's still the easiest way I know how)

I\'m gonna try to show you one way to get to your Digital Sound Planet (DSP) files. There probably is an easier way, but this way just works for me.

Here an example of what a link to one of my DSP files:

http:/ /
---------------------------------------------------------(member #)--(file number)

The numbers 000093914 refer to my member number for my DSP account.
And the numbers 000009486 refers to the file number of my sound clip.

Your link to your files will be structured exactly like mine with two exceptions.
1) Your member number will be different.
2) Your file number will be different.

So what that means is that you can copy my link and just substitute your numbers for mine.
(Don't forget to remove the space between the //)

Once we determine your member number, that part of the link will always be the same. The only thing that will change is the file number that leads to whichever sound clip you want people to hear.

If you go to your showroom and right click on your clip and select "Open In New Window" Your numbers will be shown in the Windows Media Player. - Just copy them and insert them over my numbers in the above link. Be sure to include the zeros and keep the length of the numbers at nine digits.

One other way to find out your numbers is to open your song in another window then quickly hit "Stop" as you clip loads. If you time it right, your link will be in your address bar. Then you can just copy and paste. Whether you can succeed using this method will depend on how fast your computer is. I've heard people recommend this way, but I've never been able to do it myself because my computer is just too fast. I don't have time to hit the stop button. :(

Give this a try and see what happens. I'm not sure it's the best way, but it's the only way I know. Despite my ridiculously long explaination, it's really an easy procedure. If you have ANY trouble let me know and I'll try to figure something else out for you. :D


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