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 Post subject: vs Rudy Sarzo
PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:19 am 
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Okay everybody, got the answers back from Rudy today for the questions submitted. A huge thank you to Rudy for kindly and graciously taking the time to share with us his personal memories. To all Randy and Rudy fans worldwide, enjoy! :D

Rudy Sarzo wrote:
Hey Ironface,
Heres' the answers to the questions you sent.
Most of the answers to the questions can be found in the book. Nevertheless, I tried my best to address them without sounding redundant.
Wishing you, your loved ones and everyone at the forum a wonderful Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
God Bless,

Geo Sav wrote:
Is there any audio or video that was taken of the band at all of any kind that we don't know of.Soundchecks, rehersals,them just hanging out?

No I don't and as a matter of fact, I visited Delores at Musonia a few days before Randy's birthday and I asked her if she knew of any audio or video that hasn't been released and didn't know of any.

TAB02/02/82 wrote:

1) Did you and Randy ever get together and write songs while touring with Ozzy?

The only new thing we worked on was the instrumental passage that was added to Randy's solo during the Diary of a Madman.

2) When you guys did sound checks, did you ever jam on different songs or write any new songs?

No, we basically wanted to get it done as soon as possible so the other acts on the bill could also get a sound check.

3) If you didn't write anything with Don and Randy, did you hear any of the material they were working on that Don recorded on cassette?

Not as of yet.

4)Were there any of Randy's new material or ideas redone and used on Bark at the Moon album?

Since I didn't play on that record I'm not qualified to give you an answer.

ironface166 wrote:
1).Did you have any particular songs off "Blizzard Of Ozz" and "Diary Of A Madman" that were your favorites? Also what were your favorite songs to play live with Randy?

I loved Mr. Crowley and Goodbye to Romance.

2). Upon joining Quiet Riot in 1978 and through 1979, did you play the bass on the demos for "Picking Up The Pieces", "One In A Million",
"Breaking Up Is A Heartache", as on the "Quiet Riot:The Randy Rhoads Years" CD it was mentioned that Randy played on a few of those in the

No, I played bass on those demo tracks. I had no control regarding all the re-recordings that occurred during the making of that record.

3). How aware (if you noticed) was Randy of his guitar hero status that was growing during 1981 and his comparisons to Eddie Van Halen during
the "Blizzard Of Ozz" tour?

Yes, especially after receiving the award from Guitar Player magazine backstage at the Cow Palace on December 30, 1981.
But he wasn't took consumed by the whole guitar hero status, after all, up to his death he was planning on going back to school and earn a music degree.

4).Did you ever record any demos with your band Sun King with John Lowery (aka John 5) and what caused the dissolution of that project?

Yes we did, and it broke up after grunge became the next big thing. We weren't a grunge band.

Donnie wrote:
1) Any idea how many shows Tommy Aldridge has on audio of the band during the RR era? ( he claims to have boxes full)

All I've heard from him is that he's got a boxful, no specific number.

2) Are there any recordings on audio of the diary tour that you remember listening to after any of the diary shows?

It was a common practice to at least listen to a couple of the songs after the shows. Chuck Weisner, our sound man, common practice was record every show.

cableguyxx wrote:
The band did dress stage rehersals at Zoetrope Studios in Hollywood, CA for a week, and it was filmed at different times by several different news agencies (2 on the Town, E.T., etc...) I'm assuming Ozzy (or at least Sharon) would have wanted to see the production before it went full tilt, for them selves, given the amount of work that went into the production of that tour, so I would also assume these were taped by them at some point to review the stage show. Can you shed some light on any of this?

Besides the news agency cameras, there were no others rolling. It would’ve been nice if they did. I,for one, would've love to see footage of those days with Randy. But then again, if they were in the Osbourne’s possession I'm sure they'd have used it as early as the Crazy Train video from the Tribute album when they used the “After Hours” footage.

barkatozzz wrote:
When & where did you acquire the MusicMan Sabre bass you played during you Ozzy tenure & what did you think of it? Do you still have it?

I got it at Nadine's in Hollywood. The store chain doesn't exist anymore. I loved it but it got stolen from Pasha Studios during the making of Metal Health. I'm still looking for it.

butters wrote:
I saw you guys in knoxville the night before randy died and he and
you were amazing and in rare form , what did randy think of the show and
what was talked about on the bus ride to fla. ?

While I was up and before I retired to my bunk, I didn't hear much said regarding the show.

Steinberg wrote:

1: I heard that you worked with Randy at his mother’s school, where he had over 50 students a week, how did Randy's day look like? If he taught that much, and jammed with QR in the evening, he couldn't possible practice much.

You're right. I think you've answered your own question.

2: Can you describe the first time you meat Randy? I've heard that you, where jamming with him over a blues scale. But how did he introduced himself to you, where he shy?

I auditioned for Quiet Riot. We did Killer Girls and then jammed on a blues song; I believe it was a Johnny Winters tune. He was very kind and showed me a few things regarding tuning and approach to the Quiet Riot style.

3: Would Randy rather practice at home or go to a concert/party?

During the Diary of a Madman tour, he mostly spent his time practicing the classical guitar backstage and in his room.

4: How much did Randy care about, how he looked?

He wanted to look the best he could but never at the expense of his playing.

5: Before Randy left to England, how did he break the news to QR, and to his family? Where you gathered in the airport?

We were aware that Randy had gotten the offer to go to England and play with Ozzy.

The Spork of the Future wrote:
Who are you main influences on bass?

There are so many , Jaco, Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Tim Bogart, McCartney, James Jameson, Stanley Clarke, Greg Lake, John Paul Jones, Chris Squire the list goes on and on.

Follis wrote:
What equipment did you use on the Blizzard and Diary tours?

Ampeg SVTs, Fender Jazz, Fender Precision fretless Music Man Sabre.

guitarjoe wrote:
1.Do you remember writing any new material with randy for the 3rd Ozzy album? Many have speculated Randy had something to do with the song "Bark At The Moon", true?

No, I don't recall that.

2.Was anything recorded either audio or video that we(the public) haven't seen yet?

See the answer above regarding my visit with Delores at Musonia.

3.Have you spoken with Tommy, Don or Ozzy about the Bizzard/Diary era in recent years?

Not really.

4.How do you feel the Osbournes have treated the Rhoads memory though the years?

I have no control or opinion of what the Osbournes do regarding Randy's memory.

5.Are you aware of anything the Osbournes are doing to mark the 25 year passing of randy?(I would assume you would be aware of this because if there was any live footage/tracks to be issued Rudy woulod be compensated thru royalties)

No I'm not aware and I'm not in touch with the Osbournes ever since they expressed their disapproval over "Off the Rails" before it was published.

6.Are you surprised by the continous interest in Randy all these years later?

I'm not surprised; he was a gifted composer and musician whose passion was to be the best he could.

Johnny Slave wrote:
1.How did you percive Quiet Riot's image whe you were auditioning and when you were playing in the band ?

It was of it's day. We were trying our best to have fun on stage and not take ourselves too seriously, more like the Rod Stewart and The Faces.

2.Being an imigrant,so to speak,were you more motivated to succeed and were just going along with what ever was happing on the scene and figured that Quiet Riot was one of the top bands on the strip and it would be a great gig no matter what they wanted you to wear?

I was quite happy wearing those clothes at the time, again, that was part of the fun spirit of what we were doing.

3.Were you already into that anyway and fit the bill perfectly from the start ?

Yes, I think you've answered your own question.

4.I'm about the same age as you,maybe a little younger, and am from the northwest around the Portland/Vancouver area and we were way into Alice Cooper,Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent and Heart ect... at the same time period and played in local bands, but I know that if any of us were to look like you guys did on the cover of Quiet Riot 2 that anyone of our friends would drive all the way to California just to kick our ass.Were you guys threatened by bikers that wanted to kick your guy's asses while in the band ? I know Kelly has told the stories about running home/getting escorted from school for fear of him and Randy's lives.

I was in my mid 20s when I joined Quiet Riot. I was living in West Hollywood and believe me there were weirder looking people than any of us living in our neighborhood, so to everyone else I was pretty normal.

Or did it help to get chicks? You know if you didn't look that way and your hair wasn't just right you wouldn't stand a chance of scoring at the club,
kind of like when "all" the bands wound up looking and sounding alike on the strip and it reached saturation point.

Yes, you've answered your own question once again.

SATO wrote:
I have a poster with all of your autographs except Tommy Aldridge's that was given to me by a friend who got it from a friend back in 1981. I was always curious as to where this was signed. Did the band do an in store appearance before the Palladium show on May 2, 1981? If so, might you remember what store it was? This was a poster of Ozzy that I had never seen before or after where he is jumping and clapping his hands. I have kind of narrowed it down to probably being that Palladium show but it also could have been before the Nassau show that August that I was supposed to got to but missed :cry: Were there any other times that the band was in NYC for autograph sessions? Also, I live near Poughkeepsie these days and always try to get info about the Civic Center show. Do you have any other memories of that venue or the night of May 3, 1981 besides what was published in your book? Anything at all, minute as it may seem. Thanks...

First, I would have to take a look at the poster in question. Second, everything that I remember about the Civic Center show is in the book.

SanDimasCharvel wrote:
I used to have a Circus or Hit Parader from 1982 where Ozzy stated that he was planning a double live album called History of Ozz with 1 LP of live solo material and 1 LP of live Sabbath material. Did Randy make this a condition with Ozzy instead of doing ALL Sabbath songs or was the half and half idea something that came up with Brad Gillis?

These were probably plans Ozzy had after I had left the band so I wouldn't have any knowledge about it.

Randarmax wrote:
You mentioned in the book that you asked Ozzy if he believed in God. I'm wondering if you and Randy ever talked about spirituality or religion.

No, but then again, I didn’t' have to. You see Randy never seemed to me to be a tortured soul fighting his inner demons as Ozzy did.

Rhoads25 wrote:
Regarding the pro shot "After Hours" footage, many of us Randy Rhoads fans have heard that each of the four songs performed for that show were played twice. Do you recall if each song was played just once or if indeed each song was played twice?

Since our sound man Chuck Weisner was mixing the sound I'm sure that we did at least one song to get the levels right before we videoed the show.

Rhoads_Forever wrote:
1) Have you thought about putting out scrapbook from all the wonderful locations you and Randy had the privilage of viewing?

No, after writing Off the Rails I've written everything that I needed to tell about my memories of Randy.

2) You mentioned in your book about Randy on the Diary tour recording in is room and the back of the bus, as well as Randy talking about the new stuff he came up with for the 3rd album. Did Randy play any of these new recordings to you and if so, what were your impressions?

Randy carried a micro cassette with him and recorded mostly his classical guitar lessons so he could review his own playing. I believe Don Airey has one of these cassettes so he would be the best source for the answer regarding its content.

3) From QR2 to BOO is night and day in Randy's playing (IMO). Had he discussed a possible breakthrough?

Yes, he credited Ozzy giving him total creative freedom and taking classical guitar lessons in the UK as the main reason for his musical metamorphosis.

4) Could you describe Randy's bunk in the bus? Did he have pictures of his mom and Jodi there or was it bare or maybe a guitar player he idolized?

I can’t tell you since it's never been my practice to stick my head into other people's bunks. Just common on the road courtesy.

5) How do yo feel about the state of Metal nowadays? Kind of seems to be a low point in metal right now. Are you eagerly anticipating Chinese Democracy (LOL!!!)?

Who am I to criticize what ever is going on in the music biz? God bless everyone that's going out there doing their thing and having fun.

RNR wrote:
1).While on tour, was Randy an early morning riser or did he like to sleep late?

We all rolled out of the bus bunks once the rooms where ready around mid day.

2) When we woke up, did he like to drink cofee, tea or anything special?

What I remember the most was that he loved to drink iced teas with tons of sugar.

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