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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:58 pm 
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Kathy's Q and A

Sorry for the long wait on this. Kathy has been extremely busy in a new career venture and graciously took the time to answer the questions recently. Some very uncommon knowledge about Randy here for sure! We thank Kathy and the Rhoads family for their continued support of this site!

Kathy will be the first person to admit she's no good with computers, so instead of her trying to fill the Q and A out on the forum, I decided to do it all by phone.
It took a couple of sessions but it's finally done!
I didn't get every single question done but most of them are there.
I had to quickly scribble down her answers and then try to remember how she worded them, I've done my best but some of the answers are shorter than Kathy's actual reply but i didn't want to miss-quote, so any things I was unsure of I had to leave out.
Anyway, thanks for your questions and thanks very much to Kathy for spending so much time answering them!

When both of you were young how would you spend your time together. Can your describe your relationship

We were very close. Very close. I really miss him. We spent a lot of time together when we where young,. people thought we where twins! We had a gang of friends from our street who we hung out with a lot.
On Friday night we would go for our guitar lessons at our Mom's school, then afterwards we would usually go to a Mexican restaurant. That happened most Fridays for quite a while and we would go to church together on Sundays. Mom was the choir instructor for the school. Music was quite a big part of our lives together. We also liked to collect little toys. As you know, Randy collected tiny model trains while he was on the road with Ozzy.
We also loved to go on trips together, usually train rides. Our Great Uncle was a train conductor.


Did you attend many Quiet Riot shows when Randy was in that band?

I did see Randy play with Quiet Riot a few times but I was in love and wanted to spend as much time with my boyfriend (now husband) as I could, so my mind was elsewhere during those years. But it was those gigs that made me realize how good Randy had become, just watching him and hearing him play and seeing the reaction he was getting from the audience.
My Mom used to go to his shows quite a lot though. She'd get really into it and would be screaming louder than a lot of the young fans! She had a certain way of saying it but she'd shout "Alriiiiiiight!" Her friends used to find that quite funny.

I've read that all your family plays or has played music. I was wondering if you, your mother, Randy, and Kelle played music together very often!?

We did play together once in a while and we were in the music school's band together but he played more with his brother Kelly later on.
Shortly before Randy died, he and Mom spent hours playing together one afternoon. I think Randy was playing classical guitar and Mom was playing flute. It was a wonderful experience and Mom really treasures her memory of that.

How long did Randy generally play guitar a day. And when he first picked it up how attached to it was he. Did he excel on the guitar very quickly when he started??

He played for hours and hours. He got his first guitar from his Granddad (who was a doctor) the 1920's Gibson. The first song he learned to play was Louie Louie.
Later when he got into the electric guitar, he would play all day and play very loud, especially in the days when he would jam with Kelly Garni. Often the neighbours would call the police on him because of the high volume all day.

I've heard that Randy liked to play jokes. Are there any jokes in particular that stand out to you?

None that I can think of at the moment but he did like to play jokes. I just remember he was very charismatic and funny!

When did you realize that Randy had a gift in terms of music?

It was before he was in Quiet Riot. He seemed to be in control of the guitar, rather than it being in control of him. I was blown away when I saw him with Ozzy playing in front of thousands of people.

Many of us would love to see an authorized book on Randy, and we know your mom has put into motion just such a project with a writer. Do you know the current status of this project, and when we can look forward to purchasing it? Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately, that project kinda fizzled out. I'm not quite sure why. The guy who was doing it compiled quite a lot of information from my Mom though. I hope she does get to tell Randy's story someday because she should be the one to do it really.

What was your first reaction when you heard that Randy was going to England to work with Ozzy and were you familiar with Osbourne at that time?

I was proud of him of course. He made the announcement at my first daughters baptism.
He changed a lot after being on the road, he matured a lot and became a wise old man. He got homesick a lot too and felt really bad when he missed Thanksgiving.
He was quite the tourist on the road though, he took lots of photographs of English castles and bought books on them which are still in his room. His room is exactly the way it was left when he was last there. It's like a time capsule from '82.
He'd send postcards all the time but I didn't keep any of them. Boy do I regret that but you never know what's going to happen. I wish I still had them.
He liked to spend money too. He loved shoes. He bought lots of shoes!

Kathy wearing a pair of Randy's shoes at a memorial.

What was your reaction when you first heard the "BLIZZARD" album?

What stands out is hearing it on the radio. That was really neat! Randy would always analyze and criticise his playing. He always wanted to do better.

Did you and Randy ever argue?

Oh yeah, quite a bit. We even traded a few punches now and then! Especially in our mid teens. There were a few years that where strained but we got over it as we grew up.
Was he fond of children and do you think he would have gone on to have a family of his own?

Randy loved kids. He was really great with my daughter.
He wanted to buy a house on Malibu Beach. I'm sure he'd have wanted kids.

What was Randy's favorite meal growing up?

He liked artichokes, Mexican and Chinese food sushi. He hated bananas and eggs!

What was his favorite TV show/cartoon as a kid.

He liked The Monkeys show, Batman, Astro Boy cartoon, The Wonderful World Of Disney, Shirley Temple movies, Spanky and the Gang and Gumby and Pokey.

What is your favourite musical memory of Randy in his early year.

Playing in the band together at our Mom's shcool. He was still using the Harmony Rocket guitar then. He used to wear a white shirt and a black tie.

Are there any plans to make Musonia a museum where so many can see the fine works of your mother and her teachings as well as the guitars Randy once played?

Possibly but that's something for the future and we're not really thinking about that too much right now.

What happens to all the picks left in memory at the cemetary?

We don't take the picks. People leave all sorts of things there though. Cigarettes, joints, alcohol, in fact somebody left an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels recently, letters (we take those with us though) photos and candles. Sometimes the candles have been in these beautiful silver stands. It's amazing what gets left there, even kisses on the marble. I don't mind that at all.

During Randy's years with Ozzy, were you a big fan of the music they were making? A metal fan at all while growing up with Randy?

Not really, I became a fan after Randy joined. I was so proud of him!

What presents do you remember recieving from Randy throughout your life on Christmas or on a birthday?

When Randy was in England he bought me a beautiful tea set of china.
I treasure it that much I have never used it. He just knew I would like it!
He sent Mom lots of little trinkets, especially things for the kitchen, like cheese cutters...just lots of things like that. She still has them in the kitchen.
He would have been a very indulgent gift giver if he had carried on.

Did Randy form a closer 'bond' with any one of the guitars he owned more so than the others?

The Les Paul was his favourite.

Did you ever see Randy live with Ozzy when he was at the height of his career?? If so, where and when and did your mom and brother get to go too??

The one that springs to mind was the '81 New Years Eve show.
A friend of mine was a teacher at a local school and Randy got a poster signed by all the band which was auctioned off to make money for the school. I wish I had one!
Before the show, Ozzy came over petting a white can imagine what we where thinking! But he just stroked it.
I was really struck by Randy's confidence on stage that night. Randy was quite shy but on stage he was totally different.
I was amazed at how my tiny, shy little brother became this HUGE charismatic persona when he got on stage. He 'spoke' through his guitar.

In some photos of Randy as a child, he is wearing glasses. Did he get contacts later or did his eyesight improve enough so that he didn't need them anymore?

He just outgrew them. He had them when he was about seven and didn't need them for very long at all.

WE've seen plenty of pictures of Randy with different dogs, can you name them for us?

Randy loved dogs! His first dog was a blonde Terrier he named 'Zero'. He was kind of a mean dog.
Another one was a Doberman which Randy named 'Killer'.
My Mom was locking up the school one night and had a frightening experience with a very strange man, so she went out and bought this Doberman. In fact, she never took it to Musonia after that.
It looked really mean but it was the biggest baby! Randy loved that dog. This would have been when I was about 18-21 years old.
Randy would dress Killer in womens clothes, put a cigarette in it's mouth and take pictures!

Did he ever mention to you about going back to school for guitar?

Not to me personally but I know that when he studied classical guitar under a professor in England, it really turned things around for him. It really changed his outlook on the guitar and became very focused on classical guitar from then on.

How did Randy discover his favorite flower (Gardenia)? How did he grow fond of it?

I don't know really. He also liked yellow roses. We had yellow roses on his coffin.

What was Randy┬┤s favorite perfume to wear?

He really liked Aramis.

What was Randy's favorite color? (I asked Kevin DuBrow, but he said "I have no idea" :lol:)

I think it depends on what it is. As far as flowers went he liked yellow. Other than that I don't know.

Was Randy romantic? (His playing certainly was, but in personality?)

Oh I think'd have to ask Jodi really but I think he was yes. He was a very passionate person.

I'm going to ask the same question I asked Kevin Dubrow. If you had 60 minutes in a room with Randy as an angel what would you say to him?

I'd just hold on to him and not let go. No words, I'd just hold on to him for as long as I could.

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