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 Post subject: Vs Kevin DuBrow
PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:06 pm 
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Kevin DuBrow's Q and A
Kevin has always been supportive of this board and has never failed to make himself accessible to RR fans.
Whether responding to our questions on the board or sharing a never before heard QR/RR song on his (recently updated) WEBSITE.
Kevin has shown time and again that he's a real class act. 8)
Many, MANY thanks!!

Kevin's answers are in BLUE
Now onto the :?: & :idea:
DJROBA wrote:
On the 9-22-79 show that was taped, I noticed that there was another white Les Paul in the background. Was that Randy's?
Also, in regards to that same show, That was the debut of Randy\'s polka dot V. What was his mood like that day in regards to getting the guitar and getting prepared to play it live for the 1st time?

The white Les Paul was not his, as I recall it belong to one of his students. The 9/22 show was not the first time he used the dotted V, he used it at The Whiskey a few months earlier. He was a little apprehensive about using it after the strap locks unhooked at rehearsal and it dropped and broke the neck. The paint shattered and the neck cracked. That guitar played well but was not like a Gibson or a Fender in the sense it was quite fragile and it had tuning issues.

CROWLEY wrote:
I was wondering what was some of randy's favorite songs to play live and songs he really liked that he wrote while in quiet riot

He liked Teenage Anthem, Set Me Free and Laughing Gas

Randy_Rhoads_Rocks wrote:
What was one of the funniest things you ever remember Randy doing? or Any funny stories that you have of him?

He was always doing funny, crazy things. We were at a Xmas party one time and some annoying drunken girl was bothering us and when she went to the bathroom he put her shoes in the fireplace!

-Dave- wrote:
Throughout you time with Randy, were there any moments on or off the stage where you were blown away by Randy? And was there a particular thing Randy used to do in your songs that sent a shiver down your spine?

His playing always blew me away. His Laughing Gas solo was always great.Frankie Banali and I went to a rehersal for the Diary tour at a sound stage in L.A. They did the set without Ozzy that day. That gave me chills!

Estang74 wrote:
I was wondering what it was like playing in the L.A. scene in the late 70's and did you guys have a family vibe with the other bands or was it a competitive vibe between other bands. Also, how did Randy feel about some of the other guitar players in that scene?

We didn’t hang with any of the other bands; Randy was always teaching and I wasn’t interested. He thought Eddie Van Halen was good but he really liked George Lynch a lot.

DJROBA wrote:
What kind of things would you find in Randy's car? Was Randy well organized, or kind of sloppy?

He was very clean. Because he liked to have a drink when we went out I usually did the driving. I don’t know what you’d find in his car.

AngelStrings wrote:
I would like to know about the first conversation with Randy after he'd joined with Ozzy? Any fond memories that come to mind as well.

He said it was strange being over there with guys that were a lot older than he was. He hated the cold weather and thought it was poorly organized.

Jackson 'V' wrote:
What were your impressions of Randy's work when you first heard Blizzard of Ozz and then Diary of a Madman? I have QR1 & QR 2 and enjoy them quite a bit however Randys playing was just in another place altogether on Blizzard and especially Diary. Your thoughts?

The 2 Quiet Riot albums were never representative of us live. When I heard the 2 Ozzy albums his playing to me was the same as I heard it every night on stage. I thought the 2 ozzy albums were poorly recorded but of course they are now considered masterpieces.

rhoadsfan wrote:
when you guys put out QR 1 and 2 where you mad that it was only in Japan and one more thing if Randy did not go with ozzy what do you think he would do or would he have stayed with QR

I would have liked to have had a U.S. release but not with those albums. The songs were weak and they had little to do with what we were like as a live band. I cannot speculate what he would have done because he was always changing his mind. One week he’s coming back to QR the next week his leaving music to go to school and so on. I think he was feeling his way in a tough situation.

CTMcCall wrote:
When asked about Randy's reaction to receiving the cream Les Paul Custom, Kelly Garni responded that Randy 'picked the guitar out himself and masterminded the transaction.\' Can you give us any details in reference to this?

I remember it differently. He did not want a Les Paul but the SG he had wouldn’t stay in tune. The manager at the time and myself went to Guitar Center in Hollywood and bought it for $550 and then surprised him with it. I told him I couldn’t talk forever on stage everytime he broke a string.

Matt wrote:
What qualities of Randy's would you say still influence you now? (both musically and as a person)

He was a true player. I have worked with some people who portray themselves as real players but Randy along with Frankie Banali are the truest of them all.

waycooljunior1966 wrote:
When you and Randy were in Quiet Riot, I've heard that the band was often compared to Queen. What did you think of that, and when did that comparison stop (I\'m thinking that not too many people thought Metal Health sounded like Queen)

It was in the stage show at that time and the fact that Randy’s use of the echoplex on his solo was a lot like Brian May on "Briton Rock" But if you listen to Thunderbird the Queen influence is there.

waycooljunior1966 wrote:
I was listening to a bootleg recording of Quiet Riots May 1980 gig with Randy after he\'d recorded Bizzard of Ozz. The solo in Laughing Gas consisted of pieces of Ozzy solos - most notably Revelation (Mother Earth) - do you remember this and what did you think of the difference in his solo spot? And how do you feel about the bootlegs that are out there?

I didn’t really pay attention. As far as bootlegs go they have always been a fact of life.

waycooljunior1966 wrote:
Are you still planning to put together a DVD of Quiet Riot with Randy on guitar, and if so would you consider playing any of those songs live with the current Quiet Riot lineup?

The DVD is on the back burner for the moment as I am really busy with the new chapter of QR. I have recorded many songs in the last 20 years that I have yet to play live and the Randy era songs are so much more ‘pop’ then what we do now. I don’t really think they would fit to what I am doing these days. WE did do "Trouble" and "Last Call For Rock and Roll" on the 1995 tour.

waycooljunior1966 wrote:
What did you think of Randy's polka-dot flying V the first time you saw it.

I was greatly involved in it’s design despite Carl Sandoval’s selective memory so I had seen it as it was being constructed. I loved it but as I said it wasn’t a sturdy instrument and I don't think it was well made.

waycooljunior1966 wrote:
On the Picking Up The Pieces video, there is a part where it looks like you guys were in a rehearsal room with one full wall of mirrors. It looks like you were practicing your stage moves while you were practicing the songs. I find this to be a brilliant idea, did you guys come up with that, or was it just the way the room was set up?

It’s just the way that rehearsal room was set up. It was called Visions rehearsal in Burbank. We knew we were going to be filmed, that’s why we dressed up. They had one of Queen’s old drum risers’s in there so that was cool too.

Steve wrote:
Did you and Randy go to the same school? And what was your first impression of Randy?

I went to Grant High, Randy went to Burbank. When I first met him I thought he couldn’t possibly play. Boy was I wrong!

Steve wrote:
When is your birthday?

October 29, 1955

Steve wrote:
Do you own copys of Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman, and Tribute?

I have Tribute.

ironface166 wrote:
Can you tell us about the attempt by August Redmoon to steal the song "One In A Million" and what Randy's reaction to that was?

Good question. I think when anyone steals someone’s song it’s wrong. I don’t remember what Randy thought.

ironface166 wrote:
Did Randy ever meet or know any of the guitarists you used in the band Dubrow in 80-81? And while I know you had used Greg Leon and Bob Stephan, was Mitch Perry ever in the band?

Randy knew Greg Leon, had met Carlos when SNOW opened for us he met Bob Stephen the 2 times he jammed with my DuBrow band. Mitch Perry was in my band for 2 shows.

ironface166 wrote:
Do you remember Randy\'s first homecoming-type show to the CA area on the Blizzard tour (Long Beach maybe?) and can you tell us Randy\'s feelings or excitement at the time for that show?

Long Beach is correct. He was freaking out because his pedal board stopped working. My band had a show the night before and after the show he tracked me down at a party at 3 in the morning to see if I could fix it. I couldn’t believe he could track me down but at 5 am I’m looking at the Pete Cornish board trying to figure it out. Randy said to me "you built my old board, can't you fix this?" and I said "but that was just plywood and Velcro!" He was very upset that his pedal board wasn’t working for his first LA show. They went out and bought a bunch of stomp boxes for that night.

ironface166 wrote:
Do you know who actually built Randy's custom pedalboard, the "Chip Pan?

He told me Pete Cornish. We even tried to call him that night but he was on holiday.

blackfaded wrote:
How close were the guys from Quiet Riot to any of the members of the future Motley Crue? Vince Neil mentioned Randy in The Dirt and I'm sure they were at least friends...

We knew Nikki Sixx because he auditioned for us. I don’t think he knew the other guys at all.

Rhoads25 wrote:
Did you, Randy, or any of the other Quiet Riot members ever consider doing more well known cover material by bands like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, or Boston?

We covered some Alice Cooper when we started, Randy was a huge Alice fan. We were trying to do our own stuff not cover tunes.

Kyle wrote:
Did Randy ever know about the idea for you guys doing "Cum On Feel The Noize"?

He died prior to us recording that song.

ThEtOeM wrote:
Thanks for everything you've done Kevin. It is appreciated by us all. My question is more of an elaboration of this one:
AngelStrings wrote:
Question for Kevin:
I would like to know about the first conversation with Randy after he'd joined with Ozzy?

See above

ThEtOeM wrote:
You knew Randy so well, I'm more interested in your thoughts on whether or not you thought Randy was going to even fit with Ozzy. It was obviously a good opportunity for Randy sure, but Sabbath being so "heavy and dark", did you say to yourself "Ozzy will just want Randy to do more of that kind of stuff"? or did you really feel that Randy would have a dramatic influence on that new band?

Having lost my guitar player and best friend I was more concerned with what I was going to do. Being that I wasn’t singing in that band I didn’t really think about any of that stuff.

Randy_Rhoads_lives_on wrote:
Did Randy ever consider getting any tattoos? And if so, what would he have chosen?

Tattoos were not popular then so I’d have to say no.

Randy_Rhoads_lives_on wrote:
When you were off the road, etc. what was Randy's favorite sit down meal?

We never toured with the Randy Rhoads era Quiet Riot but I can tell you Randy really liked Tempura.

Randy_Rhoads_lives_on wrote:
What time did Randy usually get up in the morning during the Quiet Riot years?

I have no idea.

Laura B. wrote:
What inspired you to become a musician? Did you and Randy work together in the songwriting process?

I saw Rod Stewert in 1970 and that did it for me. Randy sort of forced me to become a writer.

Laura B. wrote:
What would be your best advice to anyone who is seriously thinking about pursuing a career in music for someone who has the drive, dedication and determination to make it other than getting a good lawyer?

I’m the wrong person to ask; the business has changed so much

skyblue wrote:
What do you believe Randy's profession would be if guitar didn't exist?

No Idea.

skyblue wrote:
What did Randy think of Jimmy Page?

He thought he was sloppy as an electric player but a good acoustic player.

skyblue wrote:
What was Randy's favorite song of somebody else’s? (I would love to know his favorite Led Zeppelin song if he had one- I\'m the biggest Ledhead alive, trust me)

He loved "Send In The Clowns" and he really liked "Crying To The Sky" by Be Bop Deluxe. He was not a big zep fan

skyblue wrote:
What was Randy's favorite color?

No Idea.

skyblue wrote:
Did Randy ever do anything on the side of guitar?

Guitar pretty much dominated his life.

rhoadsfan wrote:
what did randy think of jimi hendrix and who Inspired him to play guitar

He wasn’t a big Hendix fan. He liked Ritchie Blackmore, Mick Ronson, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Leslie West and Glenn Buxton.

Fernando Ramirez wrote:
Of all the musicians you've known and worked with over the years... are there any out there active today that in your opinion have as much love and dedication to their instruement to rival how Randy felt about playing the guitar?

I don’t really know that many musicians and there will only be one Randy Rhoads

cableguyxx wrote:
I'd like to know if The New and Improved Quiet Riot would be willing to throw ina Randy Era tune into their live shows. Obviously they do Thunderbird for Randy, but I was thinking something more in the lines of Trouble or something like that. Something that Randy had a hand in writing. Now that would be cool.

See above

cort wrote:
I cannot remember anyone mentioning Quiet Riot and Sweet...A lot of QR reminds me of Sweet. Music wise and fashion wise. Were you or Randy influenced by them?

I was the big Sweet fan, so that was my influence.

ironface166 wrote:
Did you see Randy (during his tour break) in CA during early March 82, and do you have any remembrances you could share about the time you spent with him then (if you were in town)?

Yes. We went to the Rainbow when he was off. We had a great night together. I have very distinct memories of our conversations where he shared his thoughts on many things. For many reasons I prefer to keep them to myself.

Rhoads25 wrote:
Kevin, I know this question involves several what ifs, but I was wondering . . . If Randy had left Ozzy and rejoined Quiet Riot, would there have been any chance that Quiet Riot would have performed any Ozzy/Randy material?

A big if. Who knows?

Rhoads25 wrote:
One more question please . . . Do you know what Randy actually thought of the songs and material that he, Ozzy, Bob Daisley, and Lee Kerslake wrote together for Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman? I always thought that Ozzy's music was quite different than what Randy played in Quiet Riot!

I think he was proud of all the songs he wrote

4-20 wrote:
Did Randy have relative pitch? Absolute pitch?

He had relative pitch

4-20 wrote:
How did randy ever come up with the things he did? Did he hum the passages he wanted in the songs?

He played the parts on guitar and I took care of the arrangement and vocals. Later on he encouraged me to write on guitar and had me buy one, and gave me some lessons.

4-20 wrote:
Did randy ever have a writers block? when coming up with songs?

Not that I saw.

4-20 wrote:
how many hours did randy put in on playing (daily) and what did he practice?

He played a lot with the lessons and the gigs. He practiced the acoustic nylon string a lot

Rybones wrote:
If you had 30 minutes in a room with Randy right now what would you say?

"Don’t leave"

RRtribute wrote:
I heard awhile back that your watch stopped at the exact time of the tragedy. is this true?? And do you still have that watch and is there any explanation to this?

It is true and I do not have the watch. It never worked again.

scooterh67 wrote:
Kevin, I have read that you have enough material to do another Quiet Riot R. Rhoads Years II. Has this been already done or made and not released yet?? Also do you plan on releasing anything with Randy Rhoads down the road?
Possible in 2007 to mark the 25th anniversary of R.Rhoads passing??

See above

benwilson wrote:
Can you explain the song-writting process Quiet Riot would go through to write a song and getting it together,from writing the lyrics down to going over randy or whoevers house to work on ideas, Like can you remember the process of getting Trouble together or any other song of QR.

See above

Brian W. wrote:
Hi Kevin, I have one ? that\'s always kinda been on my mind. If you can answer great,if not I understand. I know that towards the end ,Randy wasn't really all that happy being in Ozzy anymore. Can you elaborate more on this? If Randy said anything to you? Thanks

This has been discussed at length and I don’t feel it’s my place to talk about it anymore.

Des wrote:
How did Randy feel about his VW Scirocco?
Did he just think of it as something that got him from A to B or did he love it and the freedom that came with it?

He loved his car and was always getting accessories for it.

Des wrote:
Was it his first car?

No, he had a Datsun 1800 before the VW

Des wrote:
I'm glad he received his Guitar Player award when he did but do you think Randy had any real idea of how highly he was thought of as a musician/guitar hero before he passed?

Yes and no. He knew how good he was but he thought the situation he was in was a bit like being in KISS, so he didn’t take it that seriously.

Metal Matt wrote:
Someone earlier mentioned The Crue, and I remember hearing somewhere (can't remember where) that Nikki Sixx had tried out for Quiet Riot at some point. Is this true, and if so, any interesting stories or anecdotes?

Yes he did, but he just couldn’t play. Randy said "please don’t do this to me, I can’t take the time to teach this guy to play"

Metal Matt wrote:
Growing up, did Randy seem like the deep thinking type? The kind that always put things in perspective?

He was a very deep guy and was interested in many things.

Metal Matt wrote:
This next question is a bid odd I suppose, but what the hey. After Randy's passing, on the next few Ozzy albums, did you ever notice or hear anything that sounded familiar, that could have been part of one of Randy's ideas? I'm just curious as to see if any "unheard" Randy licks appeared on Bark at the Moon or even Ultimate Sin.

Not really. I think Jake copped Randy’s rhythm style for "Bark at The Moon" but nothing after Diary was as good as what Randy wrote.

NoBoneMoviesFan wrote:
We all know that Randy wanted to leave Rock music to pursue a degree in Classical music, where to do you think he wanted to go from there? Do you think he would have come back to rock music incorporating everything he had learned about classical to try and create a new style, or do you think he was just done with rock altogether and was headed in a completely different direction?

I think Randy was in a state of flux in that he was changing his mind a lot. So who knows?

NoBoneMoviesFan wrote:
Anything new to tell us about possibly releasing what video footage you have?

Again, see above

SATO wrote:
When did you find out that Randy auditioned for Ozzy? Did you know ahead of time or did you get say a phone call from Randy the day after saying, "Hey, last night I got a call out of the blue from Ozzy and I went and auditioned and got the gig."

Some one else told me. At the time Rudi had quit the band and we were rehearsing with Juan Crocier from RATT. I asked Randy about it and he said he didn’t tell me because he didn’t think anything would come of it.

NoBoneMoviesFan wrote:
Just wondering your opinion on the most popular topic in our little forum here, do you think the O$bournes have pro-shot video of Randy that hasn’t been released, for whatever reason they would have, financially, legally or whatever. Do you think footage of Randy on tour with Ozzy exists?

I have no idea.

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