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 Post subject: Vs Bob Daisley
PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:05 pm 
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Bob Daisley's Q and A
Well folks . . . I gotta hand a tremendous amount of thanks to Bob for spending his valuable time answering our questions.
-- Did I mention how unbelieveably FAST he did these too? :wink:

It means an awful lot when people are so willing to share their experiences with others as unselfishly as Bob has with all of us.
Sincerely, on behalf of the board - THANK YOU!! 8)

Bob's answers are in BLUE
Now onto the :?: & :idea:

CableguyXX wrote:
Q: You've said you have audio footage of Randy messing around making Diary and or Blizzard, but didn't want to release anything while the lawsuits were going on. We really have limited access to Randy material, good, bad or indifferent, but we'd love ANY of it. Any chance we are ever gonna hear some of that?

A: You may one day but not in the immediate future as I'm not sure how I'd go about it but I'd like it to happen too.

CableguyXX wrote:
Q: To your knowledge, would the faded out outro solos from Mr. Crowley, You Can't Kill Rock 'N' Roll, and Tonight still be intact somewhere? If so, Is it possible these will ever be heard by the fans, either officially or unofficially?

A: I'm sure they're in tact somewhere and controlled by the Osbournes, after all, they have the original masters of Blizzard and Diary and ruined them, otherwise they might still be as they were.

Jimmy wrote:
Q: Can you describe the writing process in which all of the material was written and describe Randy's approach to writing/recording his guitar parts.

A: Usually the music was written first and rehearsed/re-arranged where necessary and then Ozzy would try different vocal melodies. Randy and I would work on most of the music for Blizzard and then later it was Randy, Lee and me. After the melodies were settled upon, I would write lyrics for the songs. A lot of what Randy did was all worked out prior to recording, even his solos. That's why he could double them with ease.

Rhoads25 wrote:
I believe that you played bass on Goodbye To Romance and No Bone Movies on the Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads Tribute album. Were you ever compensated or credited for your performances?

A: In a word, no. We weren't even informed of the use of our performances or consulted as to the use of them on that recording. Gee that's new for the O$bournes.

Ironface166 wrote:
Q: We are under the impression that when recording Diary, that Randy used his white Jackson to record "Over The Mountain", "Flying High Again" and "Believer" because that's what he played them live with. However, can you recall what guitars were used to record the other songs- "You Can't Kill Rock And Roll", "Little Dolls", "Tonight", "SATO" and "Diary Of A Madman"?

A: That's a tough one and I'm afraid it's too long ago to recall what guitar was used on what song, sorry.

Ironface166 wrote:
When it came time for the first UK tour in 1980, did Ozzy just leave putting together the 3 Black Sabbath songs to you, Lee and Randy however you wanted or did he make any suggestions as far as the interpretations? Also, can you tell us any of Randy's thoughts on doing the Sabbath songs that he may have relayed to you in rehersals?

A: As far as the arrangement of the Sab songs goes, I think we would have all done it together and settled on the final arrangements together. I don't think any of us were too happy about doing Sab songs but we agreed to do them for two reasons, firstly because we'd only recorded one album at that stage and didn't have enough of our own material for a full set on stage and secondly because Ozzy had just come out of Sabbath and we knew the fans would expect to hear at least some of those songs. I know that Randy hated the idea that he might have to record a whole album of Sab stuff later but then, sadly, he never had to.

Ironface166 wrote:
Do you know if any Blizzard shows from the 80 UK tour were filmed and maybe just being held back due to legal issues?

A: None that I know of. I'm sure if the Osbournes had any such money-making material, you would have seen it by now.

Ironface166 wrote:
Q: Can you describe the writing and recording of "You Said It All"?

A: That was written at a sound-check on the first UK tour. Randy had a lot of the musical ideas and we worked it up at the sound check and put it together between Lee, Randy and me. Ozzy was drunk under the drum-riser so Lee sang/wrote the melody, we recorded the whole thing on cassette and I took the tape back to the hotel before the gig and wrote the lyrics. (which were about Ozzy and Sharon getting together). It was recorded on a mobile studio that night at the gig as the record company were releasing a single and needed a b-side. (I think the live Crowley was done then too)

Ironface wrote:
Q: Did you have any contact with Randy after you left the band and he was on the 81 tours?

A: Randy did phone me after Lee and I were fired but I didn't have much contact with him while he was on the road in ' 81. I did see him in a pub in London in ' 82 with Ozzy and Sharon, which was about two weeks before he died. We planned to hook up in the US soon after that meeting as I was going to be in the states with Uriah Heep (Lee also) at the same time but fate moved it's hand to change all that. Lee and I were devastated - Randy died the day U.H. arrived in America.

Ironface166 wrote:
Q: The songs from the Mr. Crowley Live EP and the two used on "Tribute" seem to be taken from the same show. Was that entire 80 show was recorded? Any idea if Jet has the remainder of the set in a vault and had there ever been any thought early on to release it?

A: That one I don't know the answer to. I would imagine that the whole show was recorded, but if it was, you'd think they would have released it by now.

Ironface166 wrote:
Q: When you got together originally with Randy and Lee, did you jam to any cover tunes from any bands just to get a feel for each other as musicians or did you all go straight into working on new material?

A: We didn't jam on covers, just started working on the new material as we only had a week to rehearse with Lee before going into the studio to start recording. Randy, Ozzy and I had been writing/auditioning drummers months before finding the perfect bloke - Lee.

Ironface wrote:
Q: On the Uriah Heep "Abominog" album, which you recorded after leaving Ozzy, there is a drum,bass, guitar break with a background choir during the chorus on the song "Sell Your Soul". This same piece of music (with same choir backing) also appearred on the Ozzy "No Rest For The Wicked" album on the song "Tattooed Dancer" that you recorded. Coincidence? Or more likely a part you originally wrote and used again to fit the song?

A: Good ear, I hadn\'t even noticed that. I'll have to check that out. It may have been John Sinclair, the keyboardist, as he was on both albums too.

Ironface166 wrote:
Q: To your knowledge, did Randy have any music that he may have been working on before he died that was recorded and then presented to Jake E. Lee to adapt? The song "Bark At The Moon" specifically has been speculated by some to have been written by Randy.

A: No way, Bark was written by Jake and me and Ozzy came up with the vocal melody to which I then wrote the lyrics. I know there wasn't any Randy leftovers on Bark that were used as we wnated to establish the new band as it's own thing. Randy did have a slow piece that we'd all been working on that may have inspired the song I'm So Tired, but that was only inspiration.

Des wrote:
Q:The solos for Mr.Crowley on the studio album are so blistering and 'angry' sounding. One of the reasons they stand out above the others to me because of that.
I heard that Ozzy came into the studio while Randy was trying to do those solos and told him he was playing a bunch of crap.
Is this true do you know?
This may acount for the anger and determination i hear in those solos...

A: I don't think so, most of Randy's solos were worked out well before he went in to record, so I can't see that being the case as you mentioned.

Ruben wrote:
Why did you go back to work for Ozzy while you had a case pending against him in court (royalties)?

A: The case was against Jet Records and Don Arden, Sharon's father, and Ozzy and Sharon were helping us at the time. They were also getting our royalties as they'd bought the catalogue from Jet without telling us. It's very complicated and too difficult to explain in a situation as this.

Donnie wrote:
Q: A guy I met at last year's RR memorial (3/19/03) claims there is a video of the September 23rd - Apollo Theatre, Manchester, England show and the video was shot from the side of the stage. Any truth in this?

A: I've never heard anything about that, and don't forget, there weren't any video cameras back then in 1980.

Donnie wrote:
Q: Also a another guy I met from England claims to have talked with Don Airey and he claims that Don told him there were 6 songs that didnt make the Diary album??? If this is true could these be songs that you guys didnt think were up to par with the other songs? Thanks for your time!

A: I've never heard that one either. Don Airey didn't play on Diary, Johnny Cook did.

DJROBA wrote:
Q: Are there any other songs besides Looking at you, Looking at me, or You said it all that were composed, recorded, but not released? Idea's put on tapes, or anything else of Randy on tape. Thanks- Darin

A: None as far as recorded songs. I have a few tapes of us rehearsing/writing etc. but nothing as far as finished songs.

Whitewolf wrote:
Q: Being the consumate learner that he was and so into classical musics, how did Randy take to the orchestration by Louis Clark on Diary Of A Madman? Was he present while Louis was orchestrating and, if so, how 'into' the process was he?

A: The idea for the choir/orchestration on Diary was mine. I had come up with our stage intro music by using a piece entitled Carmina Burana, which I gave to Lou Clark to listen to so he could do a similar arrangement for Diary.

Donovan1 wrote:
Q: What do you say to Randy Rhoads fans who are upset with the versions of these classic songs on your new album?

A: I haven't so far had any bad comments. I realize these songs are sacred to many but our versions are new and fresh and I know Randy was a Steve Morse fan so I think he would be honoured at having Steve play them. If anybody wants to hear something that WILL upset them, listen to the so called remastered versions that have been bastardised by the O$bournes.

Koze wrote:
Q:I'm just curious about "Dee." At first, it seems odd to have a classical, instrumental piece on Blizzard... but it's placement on the album fits perfectly right before "Suicide Solution" (almost like a classical introduction to it - IMO) . How did the band decide - Ozzy and Randy, or everyone, or whatever - 1) to include it on the album at all, and b) its placement on the album ... IF these were even decisions made by the band.
Thanks, Rebecca

A: Dee was a piece that Randy wrote for his mum, Delores, hence the "D". Ozzy wasn't sure at first about having it on the record, although we all liked it. In the end, Ozzy agreed and Randy was very pleased that he could have a tribute to his mum on the album.

Randy_Rhoads_lives_on wrote:
Q: Bob, I love Uriah Heep. Did you enjoy playing with them? And if you could do it again, would you? Thank you.

A: I loved that band and had a great time working with them but the line-up has changed since then and much water has gone under the bridge, so I probably wouldn't join the Heep again.

Matt wrote:
Q: How open was Randy with his Guitar parts in the creative process of each studio album. Did he compose the various Guitar riffs and solos and present them once to his liking or allow you and the other musicians in from nearer the beginning of the process of creation?

A: A lot of the riffs and musical ideas came from Randy but we all had a hand in making them into songs. Quite a few of the chord structures for solos were done by me, with Randy, and depending on vocal melodies the songs got changed accordingly to fit the vocals etc. On the whole it was a joint effort and a combination of chemistry.
Steve wrote:
Q: Do you have any humorus storys of either Ozzy or Randy or both?

A: Ozzy being drunk in a hotel lobby one night decided to take a sh*t in a plant-pot. The hotel manager walked past during the process and Ozzy looked up and said "It's ok, I'm staying here".

RRtribute wrote:
Q: What was it like working with Randy, And what was he like in the studio - very quiet?? And what was Randy's thoughts when you left the band???

A: Randy phoned me after Lee and I were fired to say he was very sorry that it had happened, which was nice of him. It was a special time working with Randy as he was a special musician and a special person. He was a quiet person in general but he could be very aggressive on the guitar, obviously. A very dedicated player and one would think about what would he be doing now and where.

Mike wrote:
Q: Looking back on your AMAZING 30+ yr career, what moments most frequently creep back into your mind when you catch yourself reminicing?

A: All sorts of things and not always the most successful or big name bands. One of my first album recordings was a band called Kahvas Jute and I still love that album and often think of those days - ' 70/' 71 era. There are too many to begin to relate here.
Thank you all for your questions, I hope the answers are of help.
All the best,
Bob Daisley.

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