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 Post subject: Heavy Block Radio Interview W/Rudy Sarzo-1995
PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 10:56 pm 
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For those who never heard this, it's the transcription I did for a radio interview Rudy Sarzo did on Randy's birthday in 1995. He discusses the Randy Rhoads Benefit concerts, the Randy Rhoads Scholarship Fund, and inevitably what happened on March 19, 1982. Some of this I knew would be covered in "Off The Rails", so I held onto this till after the book came out and got a thumbs-up on it. Enjoy the long read. :wink:
The Delores segment will be up soon.

*EDIT by Cableguyxx* The audio files are now up in the 'AUDIO SECTION'

Heavy Block radio broadcast 3-19-1995-Rudy Sarzo interview

Custom-transcribed by Ironface166 at

Teri Richards: “Hello rock fans, welcome to the Heavy Block. I’m Teri Richards, your Countess Of Chrome. I’ll be bringing you an hour of the most innovative and creative form of musician-oriented rock around the world today as we pay tribute to Randy Rhoads, who died in a freak plane crash 13 years ago today. Played guitar for Ozzy Osbourne, began the band Quiet Riot with Rudy Sarzo (edit: Rudy did not start Quiet Riot with Randy, he joined 3 years after). We got a chance to speak with Rudy Sarzo, as well as Randy’s mom, Mrs. Delores Rhoads.”

Rudy Sarzo: “He left us snapshots. They are a time and place and you cannot change that.”

TR: “I guess we’re ready. I’m here with Rudy Sarzo, phenomenal, world-renowned bass player.”

RS: “Hi Teri, how are you?”


TR: “How are you Rudy? What an introduction, huh? Got the Randy Rhoads Benefit Concert. How many years have you been doing this?”

RS: “We started in 1991 in December. I’m not very good, like, looking back. What threw me off right now of going backwards is, first, we were trying to do the show closer to his birthday, December 6th, and then we thought about, “Well, why don’t we just wait about a month and a half and do it closer to the NAMM show?” cause that’s when people are, ya know, from the east coast, coming down and so the Randy Rhoads show is actually, like, a NAMM show kickoff.”

TR: “How did you get this great music event started?”

RS: “Well, the whole idea came from being on the road, playing in different bands, even after I played with Randy in Ozzy. I toured with Quiet Riot- which Randy and I used to be members of-and then Whitesnake. No matter where I went to in the world, I could always spot a kid coming towards me with that look in his eyes, or her eyes, going to ask me, “What was Randy Rhoads really like?” and it’s been like that. I mean, today, I can go anywhere in the world where there is a rock musician, ya know, and they wanna know everything about Randy. This is our way, this isn’t just me, there’s a lot of people behind the scenes. I spend more time behind the scenes than I do actually playing onstage during the benefit. I do maybe one or two songs, because I’m usually back there making sure everybody’s taken care of, everybody knows who’s on next-even though they have schedules-but since there’s so many interviews and so much going on backstage, people can lose track of time. So I make sure everybody knows whose coming up, ya know. Kind of like coordinating, a promoter, whatever, a stage manager. There’s so many people that are involved in this, in all these benefits, so it’s not just me. There’s a lot more people involved. As long as kids keep asking about Randy Rhoads, I think it’s very important to have his memory live through his music.”


TR: “That bunch just got together with, like, John Stix, or something and decided, “Well, let’s put on a concert?”

RS: “I called John Stix and I said, “Listen, why don’t you think about the idea of a Randy Rhoads benefit?”, since John works with Mrs. Rhoads a lot because his company has the publishing to it and they’re always publishing magazines on Randy Rhoads, ya know, interviews, lost and found. Yeah, there ya go, you have all of them in your desk. Well, half of them, I guess. And every time I pick up one of those magazines, there’s always fans writing in to wanna find out things about Randy and how he did this and that, technically, on the guitar, how to get inspired to write music, what was it like before Ozzy with him. So there’s incredible interest about him and every time I hear his music on the radio, it’s like, “Whoah, that is really cool.”

TR: “His memory lives on.”

RS: “Definitely.”

TR: “Ozzy had a memorial built for his gravesite, because people were thrashing his gravesite. Is this true?”

RS: “I have no idea. I have never seen it, but I do know from Mrs. Rhoads, that she said that they had a guitar, as part of the, like, the stone, ya know, the headstone, and it disappeared. So, ya know, every time you have a…especially with rock and roll…if you go to Jimi Hendrix’s place, or especially, Jim Morrison’s, ya know. There’s a lot of people that go there that go there as a pilgrimage. Once in awhile, there’s gonna be somebody who takes it a little to the extreme and wants to take something home with them. The last time I was there was at the burial and it’s in San Bernadino, a cemetery there. I don’t have to go there. He’s always in my prayers and in my memory. The ashes, the old “dust to dust.” The spirits what lives.”

TR: “Proceeds from this concert go towards the Randy Rhoads memorial trust fund. How does this work exactly?

RS: “Well, Mrs. Rhoads created that awhile ago and it’s doing very well, because- not only does she receive the money from the benefit that goes into the fund, but also from royalties from having written the songs and royalties from the Ozzy records-this year she opened up a new one at California State University. CSNU. North Ridge University.

TR: “California State North Ridge?”

RS: “Yeah, Cal State North Ridge. The scholarship is for musicians who cannot afford to go to school and it’s for classical musicians.”

TR: “That’s funny, a lot of the rock musicians will evolve out of the classical form.”

RS: “Oh, well, at least when I was in the local scene, it was very hard for me to run into a musician-who was a rock musician-that did not dabble, at least, in classical music.”

TR: “That’s how Randy started out, right, classical?”

RS: “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.”

TR: “What does it take to pull this concert event off? A lot of hard work?”

RS: “A lot of phone calls. (Laughs) A lot of phone calls.”

TR: “Once one has ended, is it a year-long period? Or do you just like…”

RS: “No, no, no, no. We usually don’t start until after Thanksgiving, because people, especially in the music business, they are really not sure what their schedule is gonna be like.”

TR: “For the holidays?”

RS: “Yeah, so really, it takes off really slow and you get a lot of non-committals and then right after Christmas and the New Year, people start knowing if their gonna be at the NAMM show or if they’re gonna be in the studio or if they’re not gonna be on tour. So that’s when they start committing. But everybody has such a great time. You know, I have never called anybody up and they said, “No.”

TR: “Well, to be asked would be such a big honor.”

RS: “You know, but it’s also a big effort, people showing up. It’s really appreciated. Believe me, it really is.”

TR: “And when it’s over, how do you feel at the end of the evening?”

RS: “Oh, it feels great. You go through a lot of emotional highs. I mean, there are no lows. It’s just like, “Wow” to see certain people do certain things onstage and perform Randy songs. Having known him, I know that he would have been knocked out, very flattered and very pleased. He had a great sense of humor. (Laughs) Ya know, Dweezil Zappa and his brother Ahmet played on the first year, they did some pretty nutty stuff and I know Randy would have just loved it.” (Laughs)

TR: “Maybe you can, like, straighten up a rumor. What happened?”

RS: “Well, I was there.”

TR: “What?”

RS: “I was in the band when this happened. So, okay, I really don’t like to talk about this, but I find it’s really necessary, just to clear up..”

TR: “There’s so many rumors.”

RS: “Yeah, yeah, so, I mean, this means that I have to go right back in my mind and just really…”

TR: “You don’t have to.”

RS: “No, no, I have to. I have to because I wanna clear things up. We had just finished doing a show in Knoxville, Tennessee the night before and the bus driver drove straight through from Knoxville to, uh…We were scheduled to play in Orlando, do an outdoor show with Foreigner and UFO-who was on the bill with us at the time. So, we stopped in Kissimmee-it’s an Indian name-outside of Orlando, and that’s where the bus company had it’s depot-where they fixed the busses and anything that happened to them. So, our tour manager wanted to add a bunk-a sleeping bunk-to the bus. So, we went there, instead of going straight to Orlando. Now what happened was, that in this place, they also had airplanes, a landing strip with Cessnas. Our bus driver, after having driven all the way from Knoxville there, decides to invite people to take a little ride, a plane ride. The first ones to go up are Don Airey, our keyboard player, and Jake Duncan, our tour manager. I was asleep at the time. I didn’t wanna get out until we got to Orlando. First of all, I was raised in Florida, so it was nothing new to me being in Florida. I love it there, but it was, “Wake me up when I get to Orlando, I’ll get in my room and take a shower or whatever.” But Randy really loved Florida. He had been there previously on the “Blizzard Of Ozz” tour. So, he wakes me up. He’s calling my name. I stick my head out of the bunk and he goes, “Come on Rude, come on.” It’s. like, 8:00 in the morning and he goes, “Come on, come on. Let’s go, we’re here. Let’s get some coffee and doughnuts.” We had parked the bus right next to a house that belonged to the owner of the bus company and way down there was the airplane hanger where they fixed the busses and, next to it was the field-the landing field, the strip. So I said, “No, no, forget it. I’m gonna stay in the bunk.” That was the last time I saw him.”

“Now, what happened was, according to the guys that were on the ground, was Jake Duncan and Don Airey go up in the plane. I didn’t hear them buzzing the bus with the plane, but they were doing that. They were trying to wake up Tommy Aldridge.”

TR: “And you, right?”

RS: “Well, basically, Tommy. He was in the bunk over here, I was in the bunk over there, and Ozzy and Sharon were in the back lounge and they were asleep. They didn’t know anything that was going on. They knew-but nobody else in the band knew-that, previously, that same bus driver had killed, in a helicopter crash, one of the owners of the bus company's son. They knew it, but we didn’t know it. Sharon, ya know what I mean? If anybody else would have known it they would have stayed away from the idea. But what happened was, they go up-the three guys-and they land. Blah, blah, blah.. So the bus driver/pilot goes up to Jake Duncan, our tour manager, and says, “Look, Rachel…” Now Rachel is/was a 55-60 year old maid for Sharon and her family. What she did was, she came along on the road with us and took care of us-our clothes, and she cooked. She used to cook chili in the bus and everything. She was the most wonderful woman, great. She had been with the family for many years. So, she wants to go up, because, according to her, she had never been on a plane, so she wants to go up and just go for a little ride. She had a heart condition. So the bus driver tells our tour manager that, “I’m just gonna go up and come right down, because I know Rachel has a heart condition.” So Randy hears that and says, “Oh, well, I’m gonna go, in that case, too. I wanna take some photos from the plane.”

“Now Randy was not very much into being into planes. The first time he was ever on a plane was to go to England to play with Ozzy. He was just flying out there to start work on the album. So it was very rare that he was gonna get in a small aircraft. The only other time I remember being in a small aircraft with him was in New York City. They have these tours of the city in helicopters-one of these rickety helicopters, ya know. You say, “I’m never gonna do this ever again in my life” and then you get down, that’s it. You leave. So one time we took of those in 1981. But besides that, that was the only other time.”

“I was asleep and I wake up with this “Boom!”. The plane hit the bus that we were sleeping in. I jump out of my bunk, I go to the front lounge and I look over to my to right and the whole glass is gone and our tour manager is on his knees, pulling his hair, crying, looking at behind the bus at the house. He’s screaming, “They’re gone! They’re gone!” I get out of the bus and I go, “What’s going on?” and I see the garage is on fire, in flames and he goes, “They’re gone! They crashed!”

“All of a sudden, this big hum hit me. It’s like…I was in the middle of nowhere. The silence was deadly, but the confusion and the agony was louder than the silence was. All of a sudden, I’m hit with a “mmmmmmmmm”, really low frequency that I couldn’t shake. It was deafening. And you said, “Wait a minute, this can’t happen to him. He’s gonna…he must have fallen out of the plane and he’s in a tree and he’ll just jump off the tree.”

“Obviously, what happened was, the plane…there was a struggle. The guys who were taking photos-Jake Duncan and Don Airey, who have just been on the plane with the guy-were taking photos of the whole thing. They go, “My God, this is getting pretty close.” They had the telephoto. By the time they had taken down the camera, the plane was going above and there was a struggle going on. So it hit sideways like that. I stood right next to the spot where the wing clipped. I remember it was right here next to my nose. If it would have been three to four inches lower, the plane would have gone right into the bus and I wouldn’t be here right now telling you the story. But what happened was, it clipped the bus, it just went over, it hit some trees and from the trees it went right into the garage and it exploded right on impact. And that’s what happened.”

(Long pause)

TR: (Crying) “I’m really sorry. That’s really sad. I never heard it that way.”

RS: “Yeah, that’s what happened.”

TR: You hear a lot of rumors and stuff and to have you go through it again while I’m sitting here…”

RS: Yeah, it’s just, it’s very necessary for everybody to know the truth.”

TR: “I think so too, because there are so many rumors rolling around and stuff. The truth is a necessity. Gosh.”


RS: “I think it’s time for a commercial break.”


TR: “I won’t ask anymore!”

(Plays live “Children Of The Grave”)

TR: “Thank you for sharing that.”

RS: “Oh, I’m glad you asked me.”

TR: “No matter how many times you said it, I bet that it’s hard.”

RS: “Once is enough.”

TR: “Do you have any special memory of Randy? Something that, whenever you hear his name, this picture, just like, flashes in your head?”

RS: “Well, there’s so many stories and so many funny incidents and things that we went through. Thinking about that, there’s a few. One that comes to mind is, every time…See, let me paint you the picture here. Ozzy had been with Black Sabbath, obviously, and Tommy had been playing with Pat Travers and Gary Moore and had been around forever, like, playing with Black Oak Arkansas. And Randy and I, this was the first time we were playing in front of a large audience, ya know, playing arenas. So, the “Carmina Burana” intro would come on, the Omen theme, whatever you call it, and the stage was dark, everything was dark. We would look over the amplifiers to see how many people and there would be all these people with lighters and stuff. We would look at each other-I would be here and he would be, like, way over on the other side of the stage-from behind the stage. We would be , like, thumbs up, like “Wow, this is really cool, this is really cool!”, because it was, like, the first time for both of us.”

“And another one was going to the malls. Now you have to remember that when this was happening in 81, MTV wasn’t even around yet. If MTV would have been around, Randy would have been huge through video.”

TR: “Rudy, I’d like to thank you very much for taking the time out and be willing to come on.”

RS: “Thank you very much darling. Thank you. It was my pleasure, come on. This is Rudy Sarzo and you’re rocking with Teri Richards on the Heavy Block.”

TR: “That’s wonderful. Thank you so much.”

RS: “Thank you.”

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Thanks for transcribing that. That's one of my favorite shows. I dare you to listen to that and not get choked up :cry: It's just as powerful reading it.
Thanks for the effort.

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Wow...great read. Thanks for transcribing that

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Thanks for posting/transcribing Iron, it's really appreciated.
That was a hard description to read through :(

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Thanks Ironface great job.

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Thanks Ironface. Cool read. 8)

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Thanx that was a great post.

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Thanks ironface. Very moving.

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